Hearthstone: One Night in Karazhan (Third Wing) – The menagerie goes wild!

I’ve been anxious to play Hearthstone: One Night in Karazhan’s third wing and see what surprises Blizzard lays ahead for its players. Before going into details, I’d like to mention that I’m playing One Night in Karazhan as an adventure, so I’m appreciating both the background story and the cards awarded after beating each of the bosses. Until now, I believe this is one of the best Hearthstone adventures launched by Blizzard, but I won’t be giving any verdicts concerning the cards just yet. In fact, I’ll make a few exceptions and I’ll be talking a little bit about the cards that you get in the third wing of the adventure since they are slightly more important than what we get in from the previous wings.

The Menagerie
The Curator awaits!

The Menagerie is the third wing of the One Night in Karazhan adventure. Just like the previous wings, this one houses three powerful bosses. However, this time you will be offered three class challenges instead of just two: Hunter, Mage and Warrior. In the first boss encounter you’ll face The Curator, one of the annoying bosses of the adventure since it summons powerful minions through its special spells. On top of that, The Curator’s passive ability is that it has Taunt, which means you won’t be able to attack his minions unless they themselves have taunt or they make him immune to damage. The best type of decks you’ll want to use is aggro decks, but anything goes as long as you have loads of removals for its bigger minions that you can’t attack. Once he’s down, you’ll be awarded with two cards: Zoobot and Menagerie Warden.

Demons Loose!
Demons Loose!

Many Hearthstone players have been complaining that One Night in Karazhan adventure doesn’t bring meaningful cards to the table. Well, maybe it doesn’t bring too many, but some of these cards are really good and can change the way one would play a certain class. The Menagerie Warden (Battlecry: Choose a friendly best. Summon a copy of it) is now part of a druid deck that’s based on beasts with Charge and Stealth. The beast druid type of deck makes an incredible comeback with the addition of the Menagerie Warden, which offers great synergy with druid’s cards and insane value for its cost.

The second boss you’ll face in The Menagerie has a frightful name, but with a little bit of planning ahead you’ll be turning Nightbane into a little kitty. Nightbane’s passive ability makes both players start 10 mana crystals, which means you can stuff into your deck some of the most powerful minions you have since mana cost won’t be an issue. Make sure you have some card drawls too in case you lose some of your minions in the beginning. You don’t want to leave any 8/8s on Nightbane’s part of the table for too long. Upon defeating the fearful Nightbane, players will be rewarded with two more cards: Nightbane Templar and Runic Egg.

Nightbane's fall
Nightbane’s fall!

Terestian Illhoof is the third and last boss in the Menagerie, a demon with an interesting passive hero power: Only Icky Imps can damage Illhoof! Basically, he will summon 1/1 imps with Deathrattle. Every imp that you kill will respawn, but it will also hit Illhoof for 2 HP in the process. Since Terestian Illhoof is immune to your attacks, the only way to kill him is to kill his imps. This is by far the easiest fight if you play a deck with many mass removal spells. Wait for the board to be filled with imps and clear it two or three times and it’s done. Four card will be added to your collection one you defeat Illhoof: Purify, Avian Watcher, Menagerie Magician and The Curator (legendary).

Terestian Illhoof's suicidal minions.
Terestian Illhoof’s suicidal minions

Purify (Silence a friendly minion. Draw a card) Here is another arguably good card that changed the metagaming a little bit for those favoring Priest class. Actually, I’ve often seen Purify priest beating Warrior dragon decks, which is definitely not a small feat. The protection walls the Priest can rise to meet the opponent’s offensive can be turned into aggressive minions using silence effect cards and Purify also allows you to draw another card.

Last but not least, the Menagerie includes three class challenges that you’ll have to overcome using predefined decks made by the developers. All three are easy to complete, so you won’t have any issues gaining three new cards: Cat Trick (Hunter class), Babbling Book (Mage class) and Fool’s Bane (Warrior class). Stay tuned for the fourth and last wing of the Karazhan tower, which is opening this week.

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